Anna Chancellor as Lix Storm in The Hour 1x01

"Don’t sulk, it spoils your face."

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the number of times i think “i don’t care” while people are talking to me is really getting out of hand

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Jenna: We’ve asked the audience this question a lot, and why people like it and what is it that appeals to you? And actually, we’ve had so many responses that are all… so different. From: because it gives me hope, because it got me a fiance, because it’s adventure and I’d like to think that I can go on that journey too. Maybe that is one of the things that is so special about Doctor Who, it’s this thing of having these infinite possibilities. Each individual can find something for them in it.

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There is a good Oswin Oswald and the only babysitter he would offer all of the time and space.
I know, this is cheesy and OOC, but I need something cuddly for today

Gets more passionate every time. If ya know what I’m talkin’ about

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"a strong woman understands that the gifts such a logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She v a l u e s and uses all of her gifts.” - Nancy Rathburn.

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Headcanon, In wich Emma, Regina and Hook finally get along and Henry lives separately with both his moms (and step-fathers). But sometimes, they want to have some privacy… It doesn’t always turn out very well for everyone.

+Bonus image meanwhile… image

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harry potter + space

Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi share a hug before the start of the Doctor Who World Tour in Cardiff

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“In the end, they grew old together.”
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