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Things we know as of now that might be of note to my fellow Whouffaldi shippers:

  • Clara is pretty much confirmed to play the role of Maid Marian, it’s unknown how this comes to be (does she lie? etc) but she is taking on the role. There is another…

so basically, the Doctor is Robin Hood and Clara is his Marian



Caerphilly Castle 17/04

peter capaldi sneezes and manages to look like badass cutie.

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Why are you always so young?

The look on the Doctor’s face in the last gif kills me EVERY time. From Clara’s perspective, it’s been less than 24 hours since she last saw the Doctor. But from the Doctor’s perspective its been HUNDREDS of years (about 900 according to The Tales of Trenzalore ) since he last saw his Impossible Girl. Based on his reaction upon hearing Clara’s voice, I assume that he had no knowledge that Tasha had gone back in time to bring one of his best friends back to Trenzalore so she could be with him before he died. He had probably accepted the fact that she wouldn’t see her again.

900 years?

600, actually, since she came back twice - the first time was after he’d been there for 300 years, so then he went another 600 years before she came back again. 

But I love this. When he says “Barnable?” you can see that she’s upset, because she thinks he’s forgotten her, but then she says her name, and he turns around, and he’s just so pleased to see her…and now I can feel tears in my eyes…oh dear…*sniffs*

Reblog for commentary. Guys, he loved her; he loved her so much he gave her up. Please watch ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ for an example of how painful that notion is and what it means.

Her life - her happiness - was his victory.

The fact that Randall and Lix are the similitude to Freddie and Bel makes we cry, because we will never know what Freddie and Bel will become.

And I will never know what will happen to Randall and Lix.

Fuck you very much, BBC

No, Randall, I won’t go. I won’t. You just…just do what you need to do.

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I really want Peter to put his chin on top of Jenna’s head, because he’s 6 feet and she’s so short.

Photoshoot, interview, Doctor Who, doesn’t matter, I NEED IT


apparently it’s the most marvellous place to get lost.
– i grieve for the croissant.



I have this feeling, that this show was about Peter Capaldi. The director just told him: Do whatever you want, darling.

All money went on Capaldi’s costumes.

All the effort went on Peter Capaldi.

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And you were seared onto my hearts, Clara Oswald. Always will be.

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